The ideal place for getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city


There are so many facilities here from stadiums to facilities for other sports.

The town with fresh air and the hilly surroundings is excellent for training.

KKB has ample facilities comprise a millennium park that has three fields, including a mini-stadium, a jogging track around a scenic lake, a floodlight football stadium, an IAAF-approved tartan track and swimming pool at its Police Training Centre, an 18-hole golf course and another two in the surrounding areas of Serendah and Bukit Beruntung, a badminton hall and additional football and rugby fields at Maktab Sains Rendah.


Tourist hotspots include KKB dam, Kampung Pertak and the Sungai Chilling and Sungai Selangor waterfalls besides the scenic hills and valleys as well as ponds, lakes and rivers that make for excellent kayaking and boating.

Waterfalls in Hulu Selangor which areas like KKB, Ulu Yam, Batang Kali, Serendah and Kalumpang.

There are at least 30 waterfalls in this area and a majority require trekking into the jungle to reach them.

Among the popular ones are Chilling, Medang, Makau, Sendai and Serendah waterfalls.


There are also numerous 4×4 and bike off road trails to be explored as well as ancient caves, 100-year-old villages, temples and architecture to be visited.

KKB district is known to be the birth place and sanctuary for the Temuan orang asli tribe,


We offer specialist services in providing wilderness experience, waterfall tours, bungee jumping, white-water rafting and cross country runs to name a few to offer added experience during the stay.


KKB is about 60km from the city and is accessible by road through the old trunk road heading to Ipoh via Selayang and Templer, the Plus North Highway existing at Rawang. The fasted route through the scenic drive via Selayang, Sungei Tua, Ulu Yam and exit at Batang Kali which takes about 50 minutes only.

It is also accessible by bus or train (KTM Commuter) to disembark at Rawang and take a shuttle bus to KKB.